Kalani David // Surfing & Skating // 5:48

posted by / Video / June 26, 2014

Kalani David has been doing trips for an upcoming profile in SURFING and this is why. The edit starts off with some skating (which is sick, watch it) and delves more into surfing around the 2:20 mark. How versatile is this kid? You wouldn’t think that someone who skates so well could do a meaty turn, then 2:27 happens. And there’s the clip at 4:18. The three to the beach clip — but the “three” in reference are all airs. And, of course, he ends with a bang… you excited for his profile yet?

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  • wers one

    average lol

  • David in Hawaii

    Yes, but what is his current GPA? lol

  • Rage Face

    We’re still waiting for you to package and sell whatever it is you’re feeding your kids, Dave..

  • Mike

    SO heavy… he rips and charges..

  • Happy Hippy

    So consistent at s now he must do some full rotations

  • Bob Sagget

    Who gives a shit what his gpa is? This kid is going places.

  • David in Hawaii

    Yep, that’s the point to the joke I wrote above, but thank you for pointing it out again-!

  • James Coburn

    ace of spades 😉

  • Guyfrombeach

    Great surfer/skater sucks whoever filmed in El Salvador did such a shitty job keeping him in frame and an jerking the tripod

  • Charlie Beckwith

    He made my nipples tingle with all them ariel tricks and things