Kanoa Igarashi // 2K13 // 3:05

posted by / Video / December 6, 2013

Kanoa Igarashi broke his leg in March. He snapped it like a twig and it was such an unfashionable way to start a year. Well, looks like the little fella caught a rebound and dunked it like Larry Bird playing a bunch of squids on an 7-foot hoop. In this clips, Kanoa stares adversity in the face and crosses it up. Turns, tubes, airs, that combo at 2:01 — 2K13 turned out to be pretty good for Kanoa. And at only 16-years-old, can you image what his 2K14 might look like? And what would you make of his 2K17?

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7 Responses to “Kanoa Igarashi // 2K13 // 3:05”

  1. Luke Davis says:

    Wow that was the worst song I’ve ever heard

  2. Davey Cathels says:

    haha luke, youre just sour because it wasn’t dubstep

  3. Andy Creed says:

    That was the best surfing Ive ever seen by somebody his age. Smooth as silk, rail game is phenomenal, air game looks like he’s got some great pop. Beautiful thing to watch a vid and not see 748 air revos thank you Kanoa.

  4. George grote says:

    He surfs like Julian but smoother. He’s the next big thing and cool in the water

  5. its ok says:

    all surfing no breakfast? not even one scene looking out of a moving car? wtf?


    R A I L W O R K~~~~~

  7. Michael Taylor says:

    This kid’s such a homo

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