Kanoa Igarashi // Australia // 3:06

posted by / Video / August 16, 2011

Kanoa Igarashi

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  • Mez

    this is an anime, right?
    wow …

  • dgb

    I hope someone makes this kid ride a Dick Van Straalen single for about 2 years. It’s not too late to save him.

  • for the

    love of god, figure out how to embed a vimeo video correctly! I understand you are in So Cal, but even that is no excuse…

  • Mike

    Really.. this is what slater is claiming???

  • sd, cali

    seen this kid pull back on three footers in sd. Gonna be a no one

  • Jerry Curl

    Jesus Chris you fucking haters, I think the kid is like 13. How many of you were even surfing at 13? By all accounts, he’s a nice, happy little kid. Let him grow up a bit and see how he develops before you haze him so hard.

  • Mike

    Jerry Curl, at 13 Conner Coffin was going over the falls on 6 footers at cloudbreak and laughing… that’s the perspective i think we’re using.

  • tedd ski

    she surfs pretty good for a young asian female….quit hating on her ,,,big waves will come later…the world is her oyster…go get em girl

  • Richard Licker

    Live in HB and the kid is not scared, hes 13! I remember they said the same thing about Rob Machado and Dane Reynolds and they ended up ok but im sure youll have some dumb shit to say about them too. Kanoa, let the haters hate cause most of em are bitter kooks and youll be the one laughing in the long run. Keep ripping and remember to have fun!

  • Wes

    Seems like some pretty damn good surfing from a 13 year old kid to me. Right on

  • Jerry Curl

    Mike, I didn’t compare him to Connor Coffin or Kolohe Andino or Kelly Slater: I compared him to YOU. What were you doing at 13? Were you even surfing? If you were, I’ll bet my left nut you weren’t doing shit like this.

    And even if he isn’t doing the stuff Connor Coffin was doing, A LOT can change between 13 and 18, and Connor is the perfect example. Connor has grown up A LOT since that age. That kid is essentially a MAN now, doing man turns and it’s rad. But little kids mature differently. Some kids are almost 6 feet tall at 13; others are tiny little nuggets, like this kid Kanoa.

    For his size and age, he’s ripping. He’s ripping for ANY age, really. So, let the kid have some fun and progress.

  • John Deer

    Holy smokes even little kids arent immune to innerweb “hating.” Well for what its worth the “hate” comments are usually entertaining so that keeps me reading these things. On a separate note, grom is getting technichal and shows style and positioning and some rail work. All components of decent fundamentals and at 13yr, I’m gonna say he’s looking good at a making a career from surfing. Now the “hair outs” in anything bigger could be a deal breaker when it comes time to sign a “BIG” deal or a “regular” deal? Time will tell but Konao, Im a fan.

  • MikeIsBitter

    Right on Jerry Curl. The haters crack me up. Essentially, I’m online commenting about a post. But then, so are the haters hating on a little kid.

  • Yeah Right

    Really, Mike?!? Check yourself…

  • saddamage

    mike! can you do air reverse when u r 13?

  • Jarff

    You effing kidding me, mate? this kid is bad as fuck. Respeck

  • found atlas

    i haven’t seen kolohe on a 6ft wave. john john is by far the most well rounded of the next generation

  • mark cutback davis

    i clicked this after seeing the 17 comments to laugh at all you tards hating on this kid. YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SURF THIS WELL. A 13 year old shaming your old fat arm chair hating asses. Get a life you dorks.

  • human

    that kid is good. really good. pretty simple, really.

  • jojo

    one more note to the haters. if kanoa’s pro career goes where it seems to be going, this kid will be on tour eventually. which means he’ll get laid more–and paid more–than most of you ever will. and this is a 13 year-old who surfs better than 99% of you… without weighing enough to do a proper rail turn. it’s a little emasculating, isn’t it, boys? jealousy is a b-tch.

  • Bee

    I just found all these hate comments, MAN this is very entertaining. I also agree with some of you guys, just give him time to become his own self and let him be. Whatever decisions he makes is going to lead him where he wants to be.

  • david

    haters are jealous, plain and simple. this kid rocks but so do many others all around the world. Enjoy your day kanoa and you haters to, enjoy your day too.

  • Riley

    If the only thing you have to say is to be rude just shut the fuck up … I bet that at 13 you couldn’t surf like that… You’re jealous of him its a fact ! Please post a video of yourselves surfing when you were 13 and we’ll seee… He rips!

  • Miki Dora

    this little asian kid surfs better than 90 percent of all you old, fat white boys out there. Suck on that!