Kekoa Bacalso // Oahu // 2:56

posted by / Video / March 28, 2012

Video by Andrew Oliver

Bam in Hawaii is like watching two power entities collide

The results are spectacular — this is textbook power surfing

kekoa bacalso

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19 Responses to “Kekoa Bacalso // Oahu // 2:56”

  1. Mark says:

    Nice to see some real surfing…

  2. reedsta says:

    kekoa rips in all conditions. it’s a shame how underrated he is

  3. Kee says:

    poweerrrrrrr is timeless

  4. tx surf says:

    he needs to be on the world tour. the end.

  5. Michael says:

    Dude is a BEAST!!!!!!

  6. Jg says:

    This was the first video to inspire me to write a comment. Someone needs to sponsor this guy.

  7. dc says:

    He was on tour…., got fat and lazy, but i def agree that his surfing is 100% much more interesting to watch than air reverses. That trip over the falls he took was crazy.

  8. JakeFOOS says:

    best video on this site in forever. bam shows what a proper blow tail looks like, powerful!

  9. typical garbage heap says:

    needs to work on landing – airs.

  10. SM says:

    With hacks like that, he doesn’t need to land his airs…

  11. Mike Anderson says:

    I wanna surf like that!

  12. foley says:

    wanted to see more! Yeah Bam!

  13. Bruno says:

    How come he manages to burst airs with all that weight, what a legend!

  14. Ben says:

    WOW. With all due respect to the Kolohes and Medinas of the world, THAT is real surfing. Animal power, especially in AI’s absence, is rare on tour. Only Bourez has it now, with the occasional guest appearance from TK and Slater. It’s like somebody infected Bam with the spirit of MP. Get this dude back on tour in good waves!

  15. Ben says:

    For whatever reason my comment was removed, but once again, WOW. Again, no disrespect to the Kolohes and Medinas of the world, but this brand of surfing is far superior, and this power is severely underrepresented on the current tour, especially in AI’s (RIP) absence. Currently only Bourez has it, with occasional glimpses from Slater and TK. Bring Animal Power back, and get Bam back on tour.

  16. Big_daddy says:

    i love bam bam…but his like tripple to quadroople (spelling sucks) pump bouttum turns are sorta weird looking. Im wasted by the way hehe :)

  17. BH1 says:

    I think the surf industry needs to recognize that the MAJORITY of surfers worldwide admire, respect and most importantly can RELATE to clean, traditional power surfing moreso than aerial surfing. Sure groms froth on crazy airs and waste most of their daily wave quotas trying to perfect them.. But your average 25-45yo surfer does not look for air sections and closeouts. They want to see the kind of surfing Bam provides. It’s relatable. No matter what your level… Doing a proper rail turn or lip bash makes any surfer feel good. Trying to imagine attempting, let alone landing a slob air reverse is not what the majority envisions when they’re checking the waves. So all you team managers think about the diversity of your roster and especially about the MAJORITY versus the minority the next time you want to pick up “another” air guy who specializes in beachbreak waves. Cause from the outside this new generation of pros relishes in the media they receive for punting airs… But inside most of them probably wish they could do the kind of surfing that Bam does.

  18. tyler says:

    looks like T & C just picked bam up, atleast he will have boards to practice on

  19. Seamus says:

    Kaboom! Great Sunny-like hacks.

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