Kelly Slater On Baywatch And Andy Irons

posted by / Video / August 18, 2014

Every time Kelly Slater speaks, we listen. And every time Kelly Slater surfs, we watch. Fortunately, we get to do both in this clip from Vice Sports. They Kelly sat down at a bar (Is Budweiser seriously the only beer they have on tap? It’s 2014, scrap it together.) and talked world titles, Andy Irons, Baywatch, etc. Then they took the interview clips and married them to some fine surf footage, and then we click play and enjoy the next 5:35.

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  • Big dog

    That’s a great interview. Vice always does a food job at getting the “real” out of people.

  • Edwin Lap

    Kelly Rules! Class Act Guy.

  • Wave warrior part 2

    What difference does it make they only serve Budweiser? Kelly sez he doesn’t drink….so he sez….

  • MWest

    Holy Sh*t! 0:08….Shark!!

  • wal

    Yeah they do a food job, you’re right!