Kelly Slater // Indonesia // 1:20

posted by / Video / June 6, 2014

It’s good to be king. So what if your beak is blank. So what if you haven’t cracked the finals yet in 2014. So what if Gabriel Medina and Michel Bourez are currently ahead of you in the ratings. Because when you haven’t posted one throwaway result midway through the year — and you’re this good at getting barreled — there ain’t nothing in the world that should steal the smile from your face.

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  • Dickie goezinya

    It begs the question….how did he rot away on the set of bay watch for 4 years

  • God

    By you tossing off to him…..

  • Deicide

    Uh god…I couldn’t wak off to his bald head slathered in Vaseline doing jumping jacks naked…now about Yasmin bleeths coke induced hole in her nasal septum…