Kelly Slater // Nazaré // 1:30

posted by / Video / October 15, 2013

You’ve heard of Nazaré, Portugal by now. It’s the place where Garret McNamara whipped into a wall that the world called 300 feet and the surf world called 60. Apparently, waves doesn’t have to be the size of the Empire State building to get Nazaré jumping — a swell the size of your local city hall will suit it just fine. Earlier this week, Kelly Slater snuck away from the Rip Curl Pro in Peniche for a session at the big N. He spent so much time in the city hall sized caverns that you’d think he was a councilman. The first two barrels in this clip (at :15 and :21) are either profound, or we have yet another case of deceiving angles in Nazaré. It’s interesting to see what Kelly gets done in one session. And considering that Slates fell in Round 2 at the Rip Curl Pro yesterday, the mopey song is all too fitting.

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  • Applez

    All hail the champ. This is what makes this guy so incredible. Solo sessions in heaving beachbreak. He deserves more recognition for his charging and guts.

    Hipsters, shehes and groms take note: Grow some if you want to get anywhere. We’re over your head-high techno color game.

  • chee

    Real Champ everyone

  • BC

    I wish these sick videos would drop more often and not just right after the king has a poor performance in an event. The one Stab dropped the day after he got knocked ou at Trestles was ridiculously good too. If you have not seen it yet, search for The Gods are Happy.

  • ruddy

    caption is mental, haha! obviously kelly too!

  • Mike Anderson

    not too fit sprinting up the hill after. haha catch me if you can..

  • Jay Haas

    Kind of an obvious question, but why wasn’t the contest held here on this day? These are the type of waves we all want to see pros surf.

  • jan key

    you know if the contest was at bells and there was no waves on offer and this was happening up johanna way…. the contest would be moved…. saw a clip of one of the lay days and this spot was all time….. so the question Hardman…. was it too hard man???

  • Poonugz

    Sick surfing, much of it rarely noticed ’cause we all expect so much from the guy. Kolohe was right bringing that up.