Kelly Slater // Rincon // 2:26

posted by / Video / April 2, 2014

Kelly Slater is no longer with Quiksilver. Big news, indeed. In light of the announcement, Mike Kew released this edit from Rincon filled with clips of Kelly he had “just lying around.”

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  • Trevor

    Love the guy in the hat doing his best to keep up with Kelly!! haha that was rad

  • JT smokes pole

    Thanks for killing my zone bra! Might as well drawn a map. Oops I pissed on my self.

  • bandwagon

    Living, growing, and fortunate enough to have the time and resources to calmly take a breath and reflect…

    No one is perfect, yet there’s always hope

    And remember where there’s one there’s the other.
    A famous philosopher once said: “The truth often stands on it’s head.

    and of course jokers are wild etc.

  • Marcos

    Wish I could’ve seen the video…too bad Vimeo sucks and constantly crashes on my iPad…

  • vimeolover

    Absolutely right marcos! vimeo sucks biiiig time, it crashes on iPads, all the computers i´ve tried it at (quite a few, all of them decent and not old) my smart tv (new also) etc… i don´t know why you keep posting videos on that facebook platform.

  • ryan

    Slater LOOKS BORED, LACK OF SPONTINAYITY. I recommend a polf Tail phdsurf. com