Kelly Slater // San Clemente, California // 13:11

posted by / Video / November 15, 2012

Sherm captures a day in the life of Kelly Slater during the 2012 Hurley Lowers Pro from 6:15am to 7:25pm

Breakfast (no cereal), culinary news (yum) and Trestles

On September 17th 2012, world renowned photographer Steve Sherman turned stills into motion capturing a day in the life of Kelly Slater. See through Steve’s lens as he documents a personal point of view of the 11x world champ.

Kelly Slater

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  • Joko

    Kelly, man, upgrade your iphone.

  • bobby

    that would of been cool but t-sherms just ruins eerything

  • gary

    what a dork.

  • yeah guy

    my favorite part was when T.Sherm about had a heart attack walking down the trail to lowers.

  • peter

    hahaha ha^^^

  • learntovideo

    wow was that total shit style from Sherman. Christ man, hold the camera straight, stop fapping with it and re-link your missing files. Appreciate the personal glimpse into his life but your final product is a total embarrassment.

  • barf

    Well that was as shitty. I’m glad I didn’t watch all thirteen minutes and eleven seconds. And spoiling so much good potential…stick to the photographs shermbro

  • mikey


  • yah

    wheres the shot of kelly and his chick doing it?

  • Sliding Sense

    “world renowned photographer Steve Sherman”

    Seriously folks.

    I’ve had just about enough of Sherman documenting, then re-documenting, then re-hashing, then re-documenting the spoiled, myopic world of certain pro surfers. Does the man have any grit? Does he have zest? Does he have what it takes to make it in the big bad world of photojournalism? Opps, I forgot. Sherm’s is more than comfortable doing what he has been rehashing for the past 20 years. He’s a fan of pro surfers and he likes taking pretty pictures of them. This does not make him world famous to anyone.

  • Russel

    boring, sherm might as well be a pro ho in a bikini begging Slates for a little lovin

  • BUmmer

    Interesting look at Kelly, but a terrible product. Sherman is nothing more than a fanboy with access. No one else has it, but I blame Surfing for publishing this just because Sherman is their boy.

  • Charlie

    Best part of this vid was Taj Burrow and yadin nicol throwing a smile in at the end.

    the edit is terrible and it makes Kelly look like the most boring guy ever.

  • Sean

    What was in that little bottle Kelly drank???
    Would recommend a new hand-held,like 2012…..
    Next time try not to talk.

  • b

    show some respect!!!
    sherm is the man, too much hatin’
    nobodys doing this,
    and kelly prob wouldnt let anyone else do this besides seawolf

  • Joko

    What’s with all the Sherm hate? Give the man his props, he’s climbed his way from guy with camera to a fine tuned behind the scene surf photographer, what’s wrong with that? As far as being a photojournalist goes, I think he’s right on talent. Anyone who’s gone to j-school knows you have to be a “fly on the wall” and Sherm does just that. He doesn’t just stand out on the beach with a big ass telephoto lens, but instead blends into the lives of the surfers and shows his audience a much more intimate side of the sport. I only work for stupid fucking newspapers and would kill for Sherms job, until then though, I’ll be admiring his work.

    Remember Sherm, you’re never truly successful until you have haters.

  • peter r

    Seriously Shermin i would be embarrassed if Kelly saw this . bad audio , bad exposures and bad camera work . This is not the work of a ” professional “.

  • Ben

    Two things: “Interference,” not “Interferance.” Please don’t perpetuate the developmentally disabled surfer stereotype:) Second, the part of this video I am most interested in is learning what the champ eats. What was that little shot he drank in the morning? To have Slater’s longevity he simply must take proper care of his body through diet and rest… BTW this is why Dane will weigh 250 lbs when he’s forty.

  • Sliding Sense

    Tyler Hicks is risking his life covering the current Israeli-Palestenian conflict to ultimately bring awareness to the savagery and brutality of war.

    Meanwhile, Steve Sherman is spending his days clicking photos of rich pro surfers to ultimately bring awareness to the savagery and brutality of the life of a pro surfer.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    To all the slurpers of anything T-sherm-esque. He exposes how in over his head he is with this pathetic attempt at a day in the life of Kelly. Sherm is and always will be a Kelly “groupie”. That is a fact. Many times Sherm wants a high five from Kelly instead of getting the shot that could elevate him to “renowned” status. Sher-wank has unlimited access to Kelly and with that “should” be photos that reflect that access. Instead we see amateurish photos that anyone with a point and shoot camera could capture. We don’t see artistic composition or lighting just simple digital black and white point and shoot photos. Kelly is the best surfer EVER and it is pathetic that Sher-wank, not known at all for shooting ACTION, is the guy granted all-access to document Kelly’s historic achievements. Do you slurpers get that? Where does Kelly make history? In the WATER. Not in the competitors area where Sher-wank lurks. In this post there are at least 14 people that think this video SUCKS. It does SUCK. Go back and try to watch the horrible surfing footage clearly not shot on a tripod. The BEST SURFER EVER chronicled by one of the biggest egos ever that can’t take an ounce of criticism. Under the days of FLAME even he would have been embarrassed with Sher-wanks pathetic attempt at shooting more than black & white point and shoot average photos. Sorry to say but Sher-wank has risen to his highest level of incompetence. When history calls for those epic photos of Kelly making history at New York and Bells, with the best “Airs” ever seen in competition, Sher-wank will go silent when he is asked, do you have those sequences of Kelly making the best “Airs” ever completed in competition? Why will he go silent? He was too busy shooting paparazzi photos in the competitors area and didn’t even have a real lens on Kelly in the water. And what’s with the hat by the way?

  • Sherm

    For the record “Kaipo”…Flame picked me to take his place as photo editor in 2004 when he was ill”.Days of Flame”? I was there…you were not…Thanks for the input though.. You might want to talk to Kelly about my work with him.He seems to back” Sher-wank” Love this phrase by the way!! I love to sit down and have a drink with ya,but with your bar history, sounds like that could be a bit dangerous… If you see me in Hawaii,please take off your angry blogger veil and introduce yourself.Love to chat, Sher-Wank

  • Moke 808

    Wow, I got to about the 2 minutes into this video and decided to walk into the kitchen and find the oldest, rustiest, bluntest butter knife in my drawer to pluck my eyeballs out. I just lost 2 minutes of my life watching this and I’ll never get those 2 minutes back. Thanks Surfing and Sherm!

  • mick

    this is bad, missing file wtf? that supposed to be artsy? somebody paid this guy for this? the part with yadin and taj is funny though laughing at kelly cause they know how mad he is

  • Sliding Sense


    It’s really sad that you troll this board. I thought you were better than that?! Are you going to be an expatriate in Hawaii for the next month? RAD! Thank god I’m on an outer island, away from the Wank-Fest.

    As for FLAME, may her rest in peace. As for you, we just want you to desperately expand your horizons!

    Having people who are critical of your work is essential for your improvement.

    Good luck, and wank on!


  • Guacamole

    Taj and Yadin: the best part; the worst part: the rest of the flick.

  • Sherm

    I agree Sliding Sense!! I really do learn from most post…everyone is entitled to an opinion.If some people don’t like my work,or me ,cool…..It’s just a small short film(that Kelly dug,and approved by the way. ) What do u think of Dane’s films? He likes the ” anti film” (Camera movment, dark,too light) films..I’m trying really hard to make it look f..ked up!!! Thanks for caring ( a little)Sliding Sense! Sherm

  • Sean

    Jezzzzs,does anyone actually read these comments?
    WHAT was in the God D… little bottle!!!!!

  • Kaipo Gomes

    My problems with the Law aside I am not the one posting this video. You are. When you make something like this with the greatest surfer in the world anyone with half a brain would hope that the quality of such a piece would rank highly. Read the other posts on here and you will see that I am not the only one calling your video skills out. You need to hear this or at some point take some constructive criticism and learn from it. As for the last days of Flame those went on for nearly 4 years. During that time Scott Winer helped Flame more than any other photog. Your days as a Photo Editor were not a high mark there either. How did Transworld end? How did Surfing Mag end? I heard something about Bob Hurley basically getting you fired. As far as talking to Kelly about your “work” I feel that he would see the light on what we are talking about here. You have “all access” and the hope is that you would get great photos. The VIP area paparazzi style photos are not great. Never will be. It is the action that defines the surfer, the turn, the air, the carve, etc. You would be waaaaaaay better off going back to your Black & White film and scratched lens with vaseline on it and printing your photos on real photo paper. With that you would be doing something different compared to what everyone else is doing. Or even better put the point and shoot down and swim out there with a water housing and become “great”! All priceless advice to you, Sher-wank, at no cost until we meet over beers which of course you will be buying. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  • marco

    Geez give Sherm a break. I appreciated the simplicity and even the bland nature of this video. That was the whole point. I got the sense Sherm didn’t alter the course of Slater’s morning, which most film makers can’t resist. Had there been no camera, Slater’s morning would have been identical.

    We’ve all seen Kelly in the water and we’ve all seen his interviews, so it’s actually much more fascinating to see the more mundane parts of his life. The irony is Slater was about to embark on a career milestone, and yet there’s something so ordinary about the whole day. I’m glad Sherm didn’t ask a bunch of serious questions. I’d love to see more videos like this.

    But if I had to be critical the shaky camera work was not artsy, just sloppy… definitely room for improvement, but good work overall.

  • Mike Anderson

    Just 3 questions,
    Dane who?
    Is Sherm happy with his carrier and life?

  • Drew

    I enjoyed this piece. I think it’s rare to find an athlete who will allow an intimate coverage of their entire day like this. This didn’t need to be a glossy/polished over edited piece like every other surf film. It would be awesome to see Sherm & Kevin put out more of these “day in the life” segments with Kelly at other big tour stops…. or hell even a day where Kelly hit’s a break with some locals somewhere.