Kelly Slater Surfs With Shark

posted by / Video / April 7, 2014

There’s a Go-Pro challenge going on with the 2014 Drug Aware Pro. It’s a simple contest: best Go-Pro clip from the waiting period wins $10K. A lot of WCTers have climbed aboard the selfie train, hoping to arrive at that 5-figure last stop. One such surfer is Kelly Slater. The King took his Go-Pro out at The Box and on one wave, HOLY SHIT A SHARK. A fish of sorts appears in the wave face at the :17 second mark and, apparently it has Great White written all over it. Now, we’re no marine biologists (although our Online Editor claims to have met Quint from Jaws at an Applebees once), but we are not seeing the shark here. If we were to guess, we’d say it’s either a manta ray or a gaudy way to generate buzz — both dangerous animals in their own right. But, if nothing else, let’s just hope this clip wins the GoPro challenge. Kelly’s unsponsored; he probably needs the loot.

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  • Leo

    That ain’t no shark! that it is just the dude that paddle out in the channel at the .07sec!

  • Craig

    Good call Leo .

  • Death

    Yeah that def aint no shark…could very well be the dude paddling out on the shoulder or a ray as mentioned above…but hey at least it was a Youtube clip vs. a Vimeo clip that I can’t ever get any fucking sound on…yes I cleaned the Cache and checked to make sure the Volume was turned up…Vimeo sucks!! That whole Margaret River venue is a joke too…it’s like a mix of shitty Bells and Trestles with the potential to get mauled by a 12′ tooth factory and they’re sooo far off the fucking beach no one would even notice until the replay and Pat Parnell has to make some ridiculous play by play and then fuck up the guys name while he bleeds to death….ahhh fuck.

  • tim

    WHo in the hell is Pat Parnell? Why is he commentating the “CT?

  • Realist

    Looks like the other dude paddling out to me, as he crested the wave and rode down the back of it… fkn shark…. this is just a publicity stunt for Slater!

  • Karen

    It is a shark… Not @ the 7 second mark on the video, it’s @ 17!!! It’s IN the wave to the right of the screen… They are not talking about the dude paddling out that’s visible … I had to watch it like 3 times before I noticed it!!!! CRAZY!!!You can totally see the white and gray side of the shark!!!!

  • Victor

    Definately a shark. You can see both of the find on the side, and you can sort of see the dorsal. Im not saying great white cuz the head is to thin. Maybe tiger shark

  • Jason

    If you watch the paddling dude in relation to the boil then it is easy to see that it is in fact that dude passing through the backside of the wave. If you pause it and take a closer look you can see the board and the dudes legs. I don’t blame anyone, though, on first glance it looks like a sand shark.

  • Coldsalt

    It’s a dolphin. Check other posts of this session. Kelly and three bottle nose dolphins at the beginning of the gopro video. Sharks and dolphins don’t play nice and I’m sure Kelly(being Posidine him self) would never a shark near him.

  • Robert

    whether its a shark or not, that water looks clear and rad and im jelly

  • Peter

    everyone is an idiot that doesn’t think that is a shark…look at the coloring-grey top,lighter bottom. the pectoral fins are clearly visible. the surfers on the shoulder would not be in the middle of the wave face as well

  • shark
  • Tim cahill aka #fakesurfer

    Dude who called it a stunt.
    Did you use obamacare to get your eyes checked or something? The black tips on the fin is a dead giveaway.


  • NS

    Watch it four or five more more times until you realize it’s the guy, not a shark, and you’ve been punked by shark-phobia.

  • Steve

    Since when did manta rays get dangerous? What a crock. I surf with them daily, and they are definitely NOT dangerous. Stingrays are a different story. Get yours straight.

  • laxy

    Its clearly a person, the “grey and white” side you’re seeing its a guy with his board and you can see his legs and feet…clearly.

  • yup

    looks likey a whitey to me, gotta watch it a few times right as it swims by, looks textbook whitey,pectoral and dorsal fins all visible. not very big looking though but could be from the water bending the light…

  • Campbell

    Not sure what I am seeing. At 7secs there is a surfer with what appears to be a fin on his tail at the boil. He does not have to duck through the wave so would be clear when Kelly passes, the fin however would be there in the wave!! Still, great quality….

  • Eric

    Big fish of some sort. Not a human. Sharp and sleek, moving straight. Not a dolphin. Not a manta. It has to be quite a powerful swimmer given the heavy water it’s moving through.

    Shark? Yeah, probably. They are out there around us, after all. We’re just really discovering the extent of that as surfers.

    A big white? Maybe, maybe…


  • Chief Brody

    It is an illusion. In the video it looks like a mini great white but if you watch freeze frame, not a single image that even looks like a shark

  • gashman

    I’m with you Robert! – that water is so clear that is way to obvious that its the dude from out on the shoulder early in the video. The big issue here is that sharks are the hot buzz word/topic right now – so everyone is looking for the next ‘shark’ sighting/footage.

  • CJ

    Surf daily on the Pacific. I’m a marine biologist working on the Osa Peninsula. That gentlemen is definitely a Manga Ray.

  • gabi machado

    i didnt saw any shark!


    its surely a shark …..not a big one..but its shark which almost did the kelly’s wish!

  • rob

    if you don’t think it’s a shark, why the fuck would you title the article “Kelly slater surfs with shark”

  • steve

    It’s a dolphin or the guy duck diving.. Look at the other clips, there was a pod of dolphins in the line up at time this clip was taken.. ( So no way could it be a shark given they don’t mix with each other ever! A pack of dolphins would absolutely smash a lonely shark