Kerrzy + Friends // Bali // 4:19

posted by / Video / May 26, 2011

Filmed and edited by Jimmy Graham

Josh Kerr

Barbados was for barrels.
Bali is for blasting.

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  • Rhys Wilson

    Wow!! are u kidding me those are some of the biggest airs ive ever seen!

  • mr. spin


  • Ryan Miller

    Holy shit. Best web video ever?

  • tity


  • Wes

    wow…. wow. that was unreal, Kerrzy killin it yet again.

  • dewgun

    Sick!! How come he dosnet do this shit in heats?

  • Steve Shearer

    Anyone still thinkin we’re gunna see the most progressive surfing in shitty beachbreak needs to watch this.

  • Jason Smith

    Make no mistake. Kerr’s is future world champion surfing. Just watch the PRIME events now, the criteria is being melted down and hammered into a form fit for this man right here. His time is coming.

  • phil

    Wow. How’s that carving 360

  • Matt S.

    Josh Kerr vs. my imagination, Josh Kerr wins.

  • wow

    to any homeschool groms thinking you’ll be the next surfer on the world tour. watch that video. then go back to school.

  • red gecko


    the ASP is scratching their heads …. not sure what to do here.

    (backside floaters??????)

  • Brandon

    it takes a lot to impress me nowadays but that clip was absolutely sick!

  • Nick

    I just quit surfing.

  • Lee

    Uneventful Insanity!?!?

  • Jay

    did no one see kerrazy chronicles? this is just the clip for the movie. Absolutely mental, none the less.

  • better than me

    A) I probably will never do any of these moves on a wave, but
    B) I’d still rather see big hacks and carves than the same 3 airs over and over again.

    I’m sure he’s got them, too, so show a few more.

    Christian Fletcher, you’re to blame for all of this…

  • munga barry

    download the whole movie at

  • throwspoop

    Lol, first off, stop getting the office staff to post comments…the comments look insincere and trite.

    Second, kerzy does airs and pretty much nothing else. Phenomenal aerialist, sub par on-rail, technical surfer. Look, if he was better than average you _want_ to watch surf jbay, pipe, chopes, etc. not 2-3ft softies.

  • jake

    Anyone know what board he rides? dimensions and his height and weight? I have a Bali trip lined up this September, would like to get something similar, not that I will be able to surf like him

  • felipe