Kerrzy + Wardo + Mason // Barbados // 3:28

posted by / Video / May 21, 2011

Filmed and edited by Jimmy Graham

This is footage from the trip that launched this magazine cover, provided the backdrop for this photo gallery, and commanded a respectable hunk of screen time in this badass film. Success! Drinks all around. Now where to next?

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17 Responses to “Kerrzy + Wardo + Mason // Barbados // 3:28”

  1. tom tom says:

    dam! that was prittty f@ckin sick!

  2. Adam says:

    Wow. Last wave. Wow.

  3. Christian Boos says:

    Its great from time to time when the pro’s come to town and show just whats possible at our breaks. When i surfed with these guys i realised that many times i was paddling north when i should have been paddling south. Yeah we were deep but the wave was hollow and perfect, pick a line hold the wall and get shacked. Everyone seems to have gone on from here and killed it. Especially Josh! I recently watched him in the Brazil contest take down Jordy and through some sick airs. When i chatted with Josh i realised he is all business!

  4. Boosy says:

    Bottom line is when the pro’s are around they open your eyes to what is possible and then it makes you push that much harder. I managed to score this one the day after they left. This is my 2cents worth

  5. Rad Dude says:

    that is by far the best soup bowls i have ever seen.

  6. Kevin Welsh says:

    Been there 21 times and NEVER seen it this good. You Guys Scored!!!

  7. Danger says:

    Fuck. This was the most refreshing clip I have seen in such a long time. Perfect bowls! That last joint looked amazingly flawless given the size. Dreeeamy. Glad to see a clip without one thousand slob air-revs in it.

  8. jack donahue says:

    super wow. aside from josh’s all out war path of anihilation, wardo was on! style for miles

  9. TWON says:

    song? anyone know the name?

  10. smd says:

    anyone know the name of this song

  11. KPilk says:

    Mason lays down the nicest air at 2:37. Awesome.

    @TWON The song is Heart Delay by Years Around The Sun.

    Go here to DL it:

  12. TWON says:

    thank you

  13. Spud says:

    Is that Twonicles?

  14. TWON says:

    hahahaha spudddddddd

  15. TRON says:

    Biggest score of the year yet they put all of the clips online. YEW!

  16. tallman says:

    If the footage did all of that I hope that these gentlemen contributed to the society in some way that provided so much hospitality and opportunity for them.

  17. Slappy says:

    What’s the song anyone?

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