Kevin Schulz // California // 1:49

posted by / Video / February 28, 2014

San Clemente has got to be one of the most talent-rich surf towns on earth, and Kevin Schulz is tail-throwing proof. The 18-year-old is another freak that’s been raised at the peaks of T-Street, groomed at the walls of Lowers, and fed by the egg dishes of SC cafe. In this quick edit, we see Kev put a hurting on some fun-looking California. He’s fast. He’s loose. He’s San Clementian.

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  • A.M.

    Killer song!! …NOT. good surfing though…that last air was sick!

  • Haolefornia

    This is the worst song ever. So lame.
    Editors: please go back to rock /punk/ rap.
    Decent surfer. Lame music. I hate hipsters.

  • John Daniels

    Epic surfing kid! Keep up the good work Kev and see ya at the comps! Did love the last massive slob!

  • josh

    Kev was ripping! who cares about the song. Rewatch it on mute and appreciate the shredfest! Don’t be lame.

  • yo

    diggin it

  • Alejandro

    Heavy bottom turns man!

  • Wrekt ur box

    New world order Imposters at least capture the underlying economic elitism that surfers have…jeez

  • caden

    kevin schulz is my favorite surfer