Kolohe Andino // Creek, Lowers & T Street // 3:03

posted by / Video / January 9, 2012

Kolohe Andino

Wowzers. Another edit nothing short of spectacular.

Good to see an array of maneuvers neatly packaged on each wave. FedEx would be proud.

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  • George

    Am I the only one that notices him STANDING UP ON HIS KNEE????? Watch his back foot. The most sponsored surfer in the world gets up on his knee

  • Matt O’Brien

    DUDE! What are talking about?
    I just watched vid – again – and see nothing of this “Standing Up On His Knee”, as you pointed out. Look closer, or with a better monitor, and you will notice he springs up AND into his wave – giving him recoil before he even full stands up. I’ve read some Kolohe digs – BUT THIS IS JUST PLANE “OIL DRILLING” FOR SOMETHING NEGATIVE TO SAY. Kid Blow apart those waves – and shared for FREE. I Win You Win Kolohe Win WE ALL WIN!!!
    p.s. with SNAPPER coming UP (and possibly D-BAH) he is playing a smart game focusing on waves like these (and Rincon).

  • my time to talk crap

    ya kolohe rips, but dude we know you can surf in san clemente!!! and i really dont care! go surf some legit waves you pansy! tanner and pat went to mavericks last week, why the fuck didnt you? o ya cuz you would rather surf t street! haha seriously like ya i can watch the clips and be like wow kolohe rips t street but its fucking t street! same goes for lowers and creek! kolohe what the fuck you got the world in your palm, sponsors for days, and a fucking awesome crew, but dude step it the fuck up. next north swell i wanna see video of you at 8ft P-pass taking off under the lip on the top of the reef behind the elbow. JUST DO IT! nike style haha

  • agreed

    Valid point about seeing him rip somewhere other than home. Sure he kicks ass in SC but I want to see him surf real waves.

  • simpo

    big waves arent everything guys! most them guys that cant surf a normal wave anyway! kid just went looney right here so give respect! you stick to your big waves and squat down the face!! i was impressed by this footy!!

  • Waiting

    Please, I heard the guy was ripping in Hawaii? His team must have filmed every wave, let’s see that vid. We get it the guy rips in San Clemente, show up, blow up!, Waiting

  • Dan

    This kid has insane surfing ability. Nails is every time. Plus he’s got the contest surfing down to a tee. He’s still so young that his bigger wave surfing has plenty of time to develop, and will naturally. Bright future ahead for him. But hey, what do I know, I’m just an old guy who looks up to these kids.