Kolohe Andino + Fellow Competitors // Huntington Beach // 2:41

posted by / Video / March 28, 2011

Will this be known as Kolohe’s 1990 Body Glove Surfbout? Will this be the moment, looking back, when he put his steel-toe boot through the door of comp surfing and staked a claim? The 4-star Vans Pier Classic, 2011. Two wins (junior and main event). Beats the best of his generation and one or two generations before.

Except…instead of star trunks, he’s got those woodgrain frogskins on. Interesting choice.

Video: Aaron Lieber

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  • Hunigton Hope

    Its CA not Pipe, not Tahiti, not a wCT, come on now…But congrats though for taking out Taylor knox, he was pulling some crazy 540’s, and power turns in the flawless 8ft waves.

  • jay

    that luke davis revo was so clean.

  • michael

    YeAAHhhh GO Kolohe!! Let’s take over the world!

  • Al Baydough

    Love watching that kid surf. He is truly a pure breed. I just wish he’d return to the industry that created these opportunities for him in the first place. Surfing needs kids like Kolohe, Nike doesn’t. Come on, killer, the brands that built it can pay you more than enough to live well.

  • raygun

    Taylor Knox needs to quit.
    Hang up the jersey old man.
    Tired of watching him on WCT or in any heat. He is no longer viable and I am surprised anyone tosses him a penny.
    No one cares about big “turns.” You look like Damien Hardman when Kelly started surfing: completely irrelevant and flat.

    We want young blood, not BINGO players.
    Go away.
    Wow, Taylor Knox is in a heat… I wonder what kind of top turn he will do….. blah……..

  • Brazzo 4 Life

    Raygun must be from the new school generations of tight pants wearing flicksters but B4L and the rest of the world appreciates old school rippings too. T Knox is cut from from the Brazilian mold of power surfing and will always be timelessness. Adriano also got robbed in his heat. His double grab air to claim was a thing of beauty.

    Brazzo 4 Life

  • Al Baydough

    It’s always pretty entertaining to see a person show the world in writing that they have no idea what the hell they are talking about. Not good for much more than a laugh, Raygun. But remember, we’re laughing AT you, not with you.

  • sam

    Where is the Kolohe footage at big pipe last Winter?
    Why is this not available?

  • jay

    sam really wants to see kolohe get barreled oh so much. hah

  • dog

    Both of Luke’s scoring waves were scored too low, especially the full rotation air 360, so he should have won!

  • sam

    Where’s the Kolohe pipe footage? What are you hiding?