Kolohe Andino // Lower Trestles // 2:45

posted by / Video / December 19, 2011

kolohe andino

Lowers in December? Kolohe Andino indulges, of course.

How ’bout that bottom turn fin-throw combo at the 1:40 mark?

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16 Responses to “Kolohe Andino // Lower Trestles // 2:45”

  1. James B says:

    Great surfer!

    But brazilian Gabriel Medina is at least 10x better, in ANY conditions. In Pipeline, Medina just proven be better few days ago…

  2. Ruddy says:

    kids a machine..

  3. Alan Harris says:

    10 times? hmm, that doesn’t sound accurate.

  4. no thinks says:

    Please are you kidding me, medina surfed pipe when it was half the size as when Kolohe had to surf, and he got inside little ones.Medina is great at airs, but he has way less flow then Kolohe has

  5. charles darwin says:

    alright, 6x better

  6. Agreed says:

    Few miles ahead. Let’s see if the socal boy surpass the hype and will get two 1st places in 5 tries.

  7. James B says:

    Guys, Medina got 5th place in Pipe! 17 years old, never surfed there before!! He made throw a lot of heats, beat Shane Dorian on the way and lost to Kieren Perrow in quarter final scoring a 8.80 in a great wave.

    And what about Kolohe? HUUUUGE HYPE, this sometimes is not a good thing in a kid´s head. I like Kolohe, he´s a great surfer and nice kid. I hope he doesn´t drown in this media/sponsors hype and lose his way to the top rankings.

  8. sean says:

    looks really stoked to be back at the small surf

  9. Matt O says:

    funny how an article about Kolohe turns into an argument about Medina V. Kolohe. Silly $#!T! Kolohe surfed well at Pipe. Medina surfed well at Pipe. BUT Kolohe IS RiPPiNG iN ThIS ViD and that is why it was posted. Surprised Dane didn’t get dragged into this conversation… oh wait he just did.

  10. bufu says:

    Matt O I agree Kolohe surfs insane but surfed well at Pipe….not a chance. Kid looked way out of his element. At the moment not at the level of Medina but has huge potential and looks to be Cali’s best surfer for years to come.

  11. Matt O says:

    bufu; thanks for talking with me, but to Kolohe didn’t surf well is kinda harsh. I mean acording to “experts” he is a small wave wizard BUT cant handle the juice. Well HE Did handle it, got beat (both by Dusty P. &no Pipe) but still he went. cant really complain about losing to Dusty in thumping Pipee. Kid can hold hwad hi. By the way: Medina Was CHARGING… AND HAD HE CAUFHT ONE NORE DECENT WAVE AGAINST KP HE COULD HAVE WIN THAT HEAT (and maybe event!)

  12. Matt O says:

    please dont bash my last post regarding spelling, cause i already know my fingers went crazy. But id love a response regarding my comment. cheers

  13. twon says:

    kolohe is going to win superbank then bells and probably brazil

  14. oliver kurtz says:

    who cares who is better? baffles me you people get caught up in this shit. videos like this are made to get you pumped and push your own limits in your next session.

  15. bufu says:

    Hey Oliver, when constantly bombarded by marketing schemes and hype concerning certain individuals it’s natural for onlookers to form and express their opinions. Just like you took the time to express your opinion, so did the rest.

  16. KaNDO says:

    can you say NICK WOOD?

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