Kolohe Andino & Luke Davis // Baja Norte // 3:52

posted by / Video / January 18, 2012

Video by Noah Alani

Kolohe Andino, Baja

A refreshing clip of an empty Mexican point. Maybe a cross between Steamer Lane and San Miguel?

It’s textbook. Kolohe and Luke draw lines and read waves like grown men

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5 Responses to “Kolohe Andino & Luke Davis // Baja Norte // 3:52”

  1. aaronski says:

    Mmm..oh wow, like where could that be. Such a secret, esp. with all those landmarks in the vid. Kooks!

  2. Ian says:

    Aaronski. Did you ever think that they throw in the landmarks to make people think it’s the obvious.So possibly you think you know where it is but have no idea. I bet you surf better then them. you’re so not a kook!

  3. Luke says:

    Hey guise

  4. Kolohe says:

    Hey Luke!

  5. shane says:


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