Kolohe Andino & Luke Davis // Baja Norte // 3:52

posted by / Video / January 18, 2012

Video by Noah Alani

Kolohe Andino, Baja

A refreshing clip of an empty Mexican point. Maybe a cross between Steamer Lane and San Miguel?

It’s textbook. Kolohe and Luke draw lines and read waves like grown men

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  • aaronski

    Mmm..oh wow, like where could that be. Such a secret, esp. with all those landmarks in the vid. Kooks!

  • Ian

    Aaronski. Did you ever think that they throw in the landmarks to make people think it’s the obvious.So possibly you think you know where it is but have no idea. I bet you surf better then them. you’re so not a kook!

  • Luke

    Hey guise

  • Kolohe

    Hey Luke!

  • shane