Kolohe Andino // Mainland Mexico // 2:37

posted by / Video / July 3, 2013

Red Bull TV launches Simple Pleasures.

Kolohe stars below the border and above the lip

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8 Responses to “Kolohe Andino // Mainland Mexico // 2:37”

  1. J bags says:

    K andino the most hyped disappointment
    Of a surfer..nice guy shd not be on wct

    Lots of us feel this way..

    O county surfer.

  2. hater lover says:

    ok, then who should be then if your so smart.
    what other american should be, not to mention that young?
    Certainly not you or your boy or whoever you think should be.

  3. BUFU says:

    I think a lot of the hate K.A. gets is because viewers think he has had everything handed to him. Although some of that may be true no one handed him his CT spot. I think he’s got the grit to prove the haters wrong. Losing Snips and big Andino could serve him well.

  4. ricter says:

    Kolohe is Boring

  5. Ben says:

    The fundamentals are there, but the kid’s surfing is algorithmic. His rail work is nice, but he needs to move faster through his turns (which will displace more water); this power will come in a couple years, especially if he can spend some time away from coaching.

  6. You R A Kook says:

    To all the web surfers at home in moms basement — Kolohe surfs better than you could ever dream of. Compared to him you don’t even qualify as a surfer.

  7. You R A Kook says:

    J bags, if you are such a ripper please post your real name and a few links to videos of you surfing so we can all critique with a magnifying glass. Please. Would make my day.

  8. yeah guy says:

    @You R A Kook – Point proven… nice work! We may suck at surfing, but we can type like 1000000000 words per minute, which is off the richter (you real surfers still say ‘richter’ right?)

    If you want me to post a link to a video of my typing, let me know, I would love some feedback!

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