Kolohe Andino // North Shore, Oahu // 2:29

posted by / Video / December 8, 2011

kolohe andino

KoloheAndino.com has joined the blog world.

And we rejoice! Regular stunning visuals for our retinas.

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  • HI

    This kids surfs really well, but how’s he gonna make it on tour if can’t surf big waves? I can’t remember last time I seen him charge… Luke, Bal, Evan these guys charge! Kid needs to step up for the US!

  • surfing

    did you not just watch his heat kookkk!

  • Jonathan H.

    Kolohe surfs big waves. Not that often, but he does. I think i saw him surf huge Maldives, or some place like that. Guy freakin rips tho.

  • san clemente skeptic

    lots of speculation about his big wave abilities.
    like they say
    “there’s smoke, there’s fire..”

  • HI

    F-you kookkk! He surfed worse then anyone in the event, and was basically given a spot into the second round. Look the kid rips, and may surf Lowers better then anyone in the word, but I’d like to see him surf some real waves sometimes too, not clips of him standing around painting surf boards, and surfing 3 foot beach breaks!

  • Pauly Boy

    Kolohe is going to be exceptional in big waves, just a matter of time. He definitely isn’t leading the young pack right now on the North Shore though.

  • why?

    he rips and will improve in bigger waves cause he is forced to, but he is nowhere near john john and never will be. The sad part is he probably makes way more money than him.