Kolohe Andino // San Clemente // 5:39

posted by / Video / August 27, 2012

Kolohe puts on a clinic in his backyard before being sent to the clinic for ankle x-rays

“He’s America’s Mick Fanning,” says Jimmicane. Would you concur?

Matt Biolos on Kolohe Andino:

Compiled from a hand full of sessions around San Clemente. This segment showcases the surfing of Kolohe just before his injury, which has seen him completely dry for over two months now. Speeding combinations of fierce, on rail wraps, technical airs and fin free lip work on single waves are what separate young Andino from the pack.

Testing a few different rockers and outlines, things were coming together on a few new design elements at the time, only to be put on the back burner until his recoup is done.

The line up, and my daily work at the factory, are not nearly the same without him. Can’t wait to see him back in the water, picking up where we left off.

Kolohe Andino

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  • apphh

    it’s about time he starts surfing some real waves…

  • yep

    That clip was fucked up !

  • William

    BOREING! good on small wave only, good Luck on the WCT. Look at what JJ Florence is doing.

  • jojo

    “kolohe is america’s mick fanning.”

    i would NOT concur! not concur at all!

    mick fanning is a beer-gobbling australian beast of a man who shits world championship trophies and pisses 10’s in the barrel at eight foot chopes.

    kolohe is merely a talented boy.

  • Nick

    hmmmm. NO. GOt to agree with Jojo

  • Kyle

    You cannot compare Kolohe to Mick…not even close. Mick=world champ & Kolohe=over paid t-street grom. You know how many kids at lowers that can surf like this? Dime a dozen.

  • Jimmicane

    I was referencing his form more than anything. It’s technically flawless. I think if you go back to when Mick was 18 years old, you would see similarities. Throw 3 Degrees in the DVD player one more time.

    Kelly referenced that year when Mick went to Tahiti a month early and dialed in his backside tube riding. He ended up turning an average area of his surfing into a strength and made the final that same year, then went on to win two world titles and counting.

    Some people love to jump on Kolohe and throw criticism at him. You totally have the right to that. And he gets compensated plenty to be able to handle it, but I don’t see why so many people are blind to the great stuff he’s doing too. Watch this clip, or Dear Suburbia. He’s fucking ripping.

    I guarantee you Kolohe’s going to get better in big waves and barrel riding. As if he’s even bad at it right now. Get real. Can’t wait till his ankle is healed up.

  • anon

    jimmicane is right. technically flawless. still doesn’t make it anything but boring though. i’m sure this kid will do wonderfully on the ‘ct along with the rest of the clones.

  • anon

    technically flawless, sure, but boring as hell. he’ll do well along with the other ‘CT clones.

  • Andrew

    How can you hate on this kid. He is ripping…. The hater ratio is high in the surfing world.

  • americanpride

    I’m not a huge Kolohe fan at all, especially after that interview where he claimed a top 10 finish and rookie of the year for the season, but that clip was sick. Not just huge standard airs, but nice rail work, speed and flow. Still can’t touch John John, but he is definately at the forefront of American up and comers.

  • ryan

    Kolohe is as good as any surfer in small waves , i think hes style and approach are worst to none.. It is true jj florence is going more big in the big stuff , but what does it matter? kolohes is so good to watch , and he does well in big stuff , he just need a little more experience. awesome video

  • Zac

    y’all need to quit hatin and go out there and try to surf like this kid, its not like he isnt working hard to do what hes doing, kolohe is one of the best kid surfers out there and you will definetly heaar his name alot in the near future, he is bringing more style into surfing than anyone has done in a while… kids a ripper and there isnt anyone who cant conveince me otherwise!