Kolohe + Geiselman + Friends // Lower Trestles // 5:19

posted by / Video / June 7, 2013

This is Trestles Trance

You’ll surely be left in a daze

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10 Responses to “Kolohe + Geiselman + Friends // Lower Trestles // 5:19”

  1. enufothat says:

    so sick of Evan G’s surfing… overhype

  2. Spencer says:

    you mean… over rotated… in a good way.

  3. masniffur says:

    so sick of haters like you,enufothat….like Andino was ripping that much harder…please

  4. Kingston says:

    Evan will surf circles around the first commenter.

  5. Foxtrot says:

    Beautiful surfing by Kolohe and great turns and carves by Ian.

  6. rattone says:

    that’s funny you say that dumbshit because I was just thinking the opposite– how Evan is starting to switch it up a little, be less monotonous in his approach and how its looking good. hope that little fucker can get some more muscle and make the tour in a couple years

  7. bruno says:

    I´ll surf Trestles someday…

  8. You R A Kook says:

    It’s ridiculous how many Weekend Warrior and Old Guy Kooks surf Trestles nowadays. They can’t even do a proper turn, have HORRIBLE STYLE and seem completely oblivious to the fact that THEY ARE KOOKS AND SUCK AT SURFING. QUIT and let the young guns with actual talent and skill have the waves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wang Chung says:

    U R Right, You R A Kook “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    – the use of exclamtion marks are a sign of a lazy mind -

  10. colin says:

    worse song choice ever

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