Kolohe + Kerr + Perillo + Coffin + More // Rincon // 3:19

posted by / Video / March 21, 2011

We had an editorial meeting for six hours last Friday, but conspicuously absent was Associate Photo Editor Jimmicane. He’s an integral part of any brainstorm, frequently interrupting to explain why the East Coast defecates on the West and how Asher Nolan is way underrated (he’s right about the latter). But Jimmy had bailed overnight to Rincon, shooting this all-star day while we discussed layouts and whatever. Photos forthcoming…

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  • Phil D

    Good surfing, horrible video!!!

  • Super
  • john

    Can you re-post the vid so it’s not so wide-screened and squished ? Thanks.

  • Jason Miller

    Hey John,

    Unfortunately, it looks like the video’s output ratio was set like this.

    Check it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t67vN7B8Rks&feature=player_embedded

    Same deal…

    Here’s the same day, different angle/videographer: http://blog.cisurfboards.com/2011/03/20/st-patties-day-surf/

  • kingofthehill

    aspect ratio is off, the music is horrible the surfing is pretty damn good though. rincon is a zoo these days!

  • dumas

    chatted with some of the locals today, they are pissed about this video.

  • John Paul Taylor

    @dumas, kingofthehill, Phil D, Jason Miller

    Cry me a River

  • john

    John Paul, you can’t use 1280×720 because it wasn’t shot in HD. Try 720×480.

  • JPT

    is it John, Taylor, or Paul? get your video straight.

    if you upload the clip, measure twice, cut once.

    pretty sad work considering its probably the only thing you are competent at besides working at Wendy’s.

    i will take the number 2 please….

  • recon

    Haha Dumas, so true. Houser is usually on it.

  • sam

    ah, more video of Kolohe at smallish California spots but never any signs of that huge pipe he was supposedly surfing a few months back. When’s that kid going to grow a pair?

  • jay

    sam you got a man crush on kolohe? every post is you hating on him…wanna give him a hummer? I rather watch this then a clip of chopes, because im not going to hit chopes on the way home.

  • Joey Stalin

    hahah yea that edit and song was fucking awful. Good surfing by Coffin and Kerr. John Paul Grom needs to work on things

  • John Paul Taylor


  • goon ball failure

    As if a major surf publication wasn’t enough, you didn’t get correct output ratio. Epic junior high clip, junior.
    Goon-Ball Failure, John Paul Taylor.