Kolohe + Luke + Evan // San Clemente // 2:00

posted by / Video / December 20, 2010



SURFER(S): Evan Geiselman, Kolohe Andino, Luke Davis
LOCATION(S): San Clemente, CA
LENGTH: 2:00

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  • sam

    haha, the Coffins, Geiselbros, John John etc. are charging OTW and this is what we get from the legends of SC. Too funny.

  • Joe


    Please post link to the vid of you getting shacked at OTW when you were 16… or at least the clip of the wave that one of these kids burned you on at Lowers last summer cuz you must have some kind of grudge to be leaving comments like this.

  • hammerbone`

    Luke was charging back door for the last month and half, and Kolohe is apparently in a cast from surfing pipe the biggest day of that first swell.But to your point the other guys are charging, but I am sure the SC boys will as well. Talent always shows.

  • bobthebuilder

    The geiselbros are charging OTW????
    EVAN GEISELMAN started the damn video with some 2 foot barrels at state park…

  • sam

    LOL. Show me Kolohe charging pipe. If he surfs there’s a video going. Show MEEEEEE!

  • Joe

    I seem to remember this same conversation years ago about two other young American media darlings named Kelly Slater and Rob Machado. Those guys ended up being such p*ssies out at Pipe. Jeezz give these kids some time. It takes years for really good local surfers to get a decent wave out there.

  • Tanner

    Hahah who is this sam guy?? Fucking idiot gieselman rushes harder than any other kid his age… Kolohe DID break his foot on the biggest day of the year so far and will be back there probably rushing even harder and luke was out the same day. SO SAM EAT A DICK

  • sam

    actually, Slater’s NS surfing was fairly well documented from an early age. Kolohe got blown out in Indo by Sally Fitzgibbons last year and so far I’ve seen exactly NO photos/videos of him surfing the NS this season – biggest day of pipe or otherwise. Show me the VIDEOOOOOOOO.

  • Tanner

    god you get gayer and gayer everytime you post something.
    Dont worry his foot is better and you will see him out there if
    your not too busy sitting on your thumb

  • Joe

    Sam – show me the video of Slater rushing Pipe pre Black n
    White vid (pretty sure he was at least 18 by then). You have a
    serious hard on for bashing the kid. Was the wave at lowers that
    good or did the judges really rip your kid off that bad at the

  • Matt

    Sam, whoever you are, you are most definitely and ignorant fool who is just running his mouth. watch the luke davis series part two on youtube and he’s charging. and for kolohe, did you not watch the triple crown?heres a shitty photo as well…