Kyle Galtes // Bali // 3:10

posted by / Video / May 2, 2014

This is fantastic. Kyle Galtes, the common man’s man, mauls Bali without a sponsor. His boards look brown and buckled. The only description provided for this video reads, “kyle galtes is a lobster.” And he’s ripping. We see a little John John Florence in that slob at :47 — so very smooth. This is the best edit of an unsponsored lobster riding a brown, buckled board that you will ever see. Hands down.

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  • marcus

    good on ya surfing for posting something outside of the realm of mainstream surf media.. I dig

  • bernardo

    name of the music??

  • MV

    ya totally agree, sick post. good song to good surfing.

  • toad


  • bronson

    phantogram-blackout days

  • air reverses suck

    Seriously, air reverse on every wave? That’s not good surfing, it’s fucken gay.

  • Anon

    This guy is really good. Surfs very much like JJF. Surfingmag needs more posts like this.