Kyuss King // Byron Bay, Australia // 3:36

posted by / Video / February 15, 2013

Yes, he’s only 12-years-old

Is he the future of Australian surfing?


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8 Responses to “Kyuss King // Byron Bay, Australia // 3:36”

  1. wyatt says:

    Whoa…Laura Enever CAN surf.

  2. Really? says:

    Easy guy^^^ he’s only 12 years old! Looks like a lil ripper to me. Don’t push your negative crap on an innocent grom with probably a big future in surfing. Good on ya Kyuss!!

  3. Reggie A. Fessinden says:

    kid surfs good, but I’m pretty sure most of us don’t want to watch clips of 12 year old surfing..

  4. Brian says:

    then don’t watch clips that say “Yes, he’s only 12-years-old”

  5. Calikid805 says:

    Looks like Gavin and Ozzie had a Volcom love child. Kid looks promising.

  6. REEPS says:

    kid reeeps!!

  7. Jimmy the Saint says:

    Call me old fashioned but I find it pretty distasteful that a company tries to make money from a child. I can understand the benifits of a child working with a shaper from an early age (for the child) but I don’t see the upside of signing for a clothing company – maybe they bring the children on surf trips – I don’t know, but I think its all questionable. Not stating this in regards to just this video, or these sponsors. The kid does rip though…

  8. bob says:

    kid surfs sick, massive future!
    but.. would be good to see him in a few bigger waves, kid makes 2ft look like 5

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