Kyuss King // Queensland, Australia // 2:05

posted by / Video / August 24, 2012

He’s 11. Barely double digits. He’s got flowing blond locks and a grill to match.

Clearly taken a page from John John’s playbook

Kyuss King


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  • mo

    save your money on sunglasses and go to a dentist instead…

  • Tom

    ya lets rip on an 11 year old now. kid is a legend. Fuckin haters.

  • James

    Epic clip… The kid is amazing! Only 11 .. Crazy good and style.
    Looks like he’s having fun along the way..
    I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have to pay for sunnies…
    Can’t believe there is haters out there about an 11 year old Grom. What a jealous chump!
    Keep shredding Kyuss can’t wait to see more!!

  • Mark Creamer

    Fab video clip, never too young to be a pro surfer !!!!

  • STNL

    what a pair of fuken whiteboards, he looks like an idiot no matter how good he may be, lets hope your head grows or you’re never gonna make it boy!

  • STNL

    and loose the hair, had me confused the whole clip

  • STNL

    other than that you rip and I’m jelous

  • James

    STNL… The shadow hater, writing shit like that…. The kid is 11 and obviously has more style and flare than the STNL hater who wrote such week and immature shit.. Yeah you definitely summed it up on your last quote!!! Jealous… you said it… and even though you dont expose your name and you hide behind STNL, get out in the real world and you’ll soon see that there is a lot of cool shit going on and the groms are leading the way by not being sheep and effected by what people think… you obviosly cant surf and look like every other hick thats to scared to be your own boss! Give yourself an upper cut, get a few surf lessons and send in your baby photo’s when you were eleven and lets get talking about that… hahaha…
    The kid is 11 and looks like he’s having a good time and life… Im jealous too but cant wait to see more and keep doing what ya doing Kyuss