La Jolla Surfers // Windansea // 7:47

posted by / Video / March 26, 2012

In the California Issue of SURFING magazine, Derek Dunfee wrote, contributed photographs and surfed in the article “Never Never Land,” about his hometown of La Jolla. On top of all that he somehow found time to make this film, too.

Not a word is spoken, but much is said

la jolla

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  • lowerscat

    localism rules our demographics and culture. WHAT!

  • Ruddy

    this was really good. i just wish the whole thing were in black n white. but really nice. thanks!

  • Mik

    Ep iK

  • IsoscoleseTriangle

    Very refreshing and very well done Mr. Dunfee …

  • george

    oh wow! people who live in san diego are so tough and scary! im so impressed. it must be do difficult to grow up in an affluent republican bastion of whiteness. man, i just dont know how you can survive it unless you get a neck tatoo and scowl and give people the finger all the time.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    Props to Dunfee as he somehow followed a progressive path with his surfing and surfboards. I never understood why WindanSea has more trolls on piece-of-shit surfboards. Relics and beaver tails are the norm. A break that produced Chris O’Rourke, who in his prime was the most progressive and modern surfer in America. Even Kenvin set a high surfing standard and is now enamored with relics of surfboards that even their creators today would write off. Get over it and move into today or at least yesterday. Ride a board that helps you ride a wave not hinder you. From the portraits and the article WindanSea seems a deeply troubled place. Tom Wolfe may need a revisit to the current Pump House gang. Evolve or die and that’s what it looks like at WindanSea.

  • Matt S.

    Chris: S.D. is a big town, plenty of “walkers” Rob Machado, Taylor Knox, along with scary locals more than willing to jack you up for surfing their break, unfortunately.
    lowerscat: You probably already know this but there is just one peak so they protect it. Scarce resource. So this documentary is just showing that part of this break.
    George: Valid points but since it sounds like you don’t live in S.D. why don’t you shove them up your ass (I’m scowling and my neck veins are causing my tattoos to buldge)

  • toddddddd

    Fat Chris you looking for trouble or what bloo?

  • Compton Local

    The mean streets of La Jolla…LOL! These clueless little brats need a reality check. They would get their spoiled little azzes handed to them anywhere else.

  • red

    Wow Chris, why so mad? where ya from anyway? just curious, by the way i only saw 1 person with a neck tatoo out of the 20 or so people, tattoos are pretty common now,
    Sounds like you were ok with Johnny maher but not the other guys, I think Derek wanted to show the wide variety of characters, i read the article and it didnt seam like derek was trying to make these guys out to be like the ‘bra boys’ or westside santa cruz guys, He’s just showin it how it is, I might not totally agree with everything but its interesting and different

  • tanner

    that guy taking a hit was hilarious

  • haha

    LOL .. this video was hilarious! If you want to surf a horrible wave with 100 unemployed dude that think they’re surfing Trestles.. than this is your wave!! what a joke!

  • tanner

    thats why they call it ‘slowers’

  • JakeFOOS

    who the hell are these tough guys? or is it tuff guys down there?

  • LJScrapper

    Funny thing is, La Jolla has the highest average property values in the NATION (according to a Coldwell Banker report 2-3 years ago) and these guys are acting like its the inner city.

  • Simms

    Oh Ya Baby~!~
    Just my topic, local spice, it has to be, no one else will give a crap about us or the dues people pay to surf the local ”hard break” been waiting to read a reality check. I am from PB, I have friends that are well to do, they live on the street, I have poor friends surf every day and have kids and do great, most are middle class working folk,they are neither safe from or exempt from temptation.. money has shit to do any drug problem or how you get your jollies, some just burn, some roll people in bathrooms, some drink til they drop, some just surf, we are all exposed to both the dark and the light, both rich and poor. LJ has a history, so due alot of other places…Wind’n, always tooting their horn, try growing up surfing the point, oh ya, you know us Toads.. by now they are subdued by the marching mass’s, but still there and riding with style & soul, try watching Marty Vaughn or JJ, the Williams brothers, or Chris Slater, and JoJo.. what else matter in life? only the style in which you carry yourself and treat others… Spartan surf school is out for good, thank God or who ever for that, was no way to grow up…stoked for the kids now, got it good, trying to learn to be good, took me 48 years but we are all together in this crazy world..PB surfing LJ,LJ surfing SC, SC surfing Hawaii, if you think your tuff, always some one tuffer and better….sorry about my spelling, did not attend much school, to busy being Jumped in at the Point. Johnson Brothers, M.Savage, S.Smiley, Chris O, Dale E, B.Dugan, Beckwith brothers, Butch….these are some of the tuff guys…to many to name…Jake, maybe you go find out your self?….ask for Scott Charry…he will sort you out…….PBPT.

  • Pat

    Very funny, those losers should be smiling realizing how blessed they are to live in paradise. At least locals in Hawaii have the aloha spirit , what a bunch of trolls. Grow up

  • Chancho

    I dunno how many people in polos taking family pictures have i seen being wiped off the rocks by the occasional sleeper wave ha. Too good. that being said, the “locals” at wind n sea are more gnarly to other locals than the waves themselves. bunch of pre madonnas

  • Ry

    Fucking lame this dude needs to get his ass kicked

  • Your Fucking Asshole

    You fucking assholes are a pathetic god damn joke. You are trying to depict San Diego surfers as hard asses when they pay everyone to do everything for them besides eat each others assholes. Fuck you. You suck. You are literally trying to protect a pathetic joke of a spot with bleach blonde hair and HOODS in 75 degree weather. Stupid shit heads. You would literally be LAUGHED OUT OF THE WATER on the east coast for the simple fact that your hair and face look like a bleached asshole. Wow. Hoods in San Diego? Really? Eat my asshole.

  • Tyler Dirden