John John Florence, Nils Schweizer, & Many More // Late Season Hawaii // 2:49

posted by / Video / February 13, 2014

Late season Hawaii is the best. Still crowded, but much less crowded. Swell hype is limited because day after day is firing. Random heros get the tubes of their lives. And John John Florence does freakish shit like the rodeo at the 2:14 mark. This video is a must watch and people, please brace yourselves for the next edit John John drops on his own. Video by Colors Magazine.

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  • Dan Jennings

    My brother hooked me up with Surfing Magazine! It’s GREAT!
    I am an older guy who grew up on Jax Bch beach in 1972,that’s why I love seeing REAL waves being incredibly ridden!)
    I am a Christian man.Most likely a minority I know but I just wanted to be honest with this site.
    I LOVE the videos!
    I want to share them!
    My friends and others would be offended with this particular accompanying music choice…Sorry, but the video language would be a little too offensive to them. I’m sure you have many that are neutral musically in taste and would be great to send along.
    Personally, It’s not my style (obviously,18 yrs old in 1972)but I don’t throw away the baby with the bath water. It’s easy to mute.
    Just a humble suggestion..I love to SHARE these awesome waves/riders!
    Thanks for listening!