Laurie Towner // Mix Bag-O-Lollies // 6:29

posted by / Video / March 31, 2014

Life as a freesurfer is tough ain’t it? Well, not in the sense that you’re paid to go surfing, but definitely in the sense that you’re as good as Laurie Towner and without a main sponsor. Here’s a highlight reel that’ll have you question if your kid can really make his pro surfing dream come true.

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  • Big Pete

    That was sick. Those Teahupo’o takeoffs were Andy Irons level. Guy deserves way more $ than Chippa or Kolohe. Guy is a fucking rock star from what I see.

    Red Bull where are you?

  • Sean

    Big Pete hit it spot on! I thought I was the only one who thought he surfs like Andy. Don’t get me wrong, Andy is and will always be my favorite to watch but I’ve always thought Laurie has flashes of Andy in him. More Laurie please!

  • John

    Laurie rules! Ever since he paddled that bomb at Shipsterns a few years back I have seen nothing but gold from this guy. Plus has a backhand like Andy, kudos.

  • Bradley

    Incredible!! Laurie is so well rounded and destroys it in every condition!!! Sickest turns and giant airs.. Love this video

  • Rob

    Big Pete +++

  • sean

    2:36 is un-fucking-believable

  • Wut

    Who in their right mind would make the call the drop this guy

  • Steve

    There are some world class surfers along this stretch of coast. But the sponsors dollars don’t make it from Sydney or the Goldy. Everyones a bit more laid back and are just good people doing what they do best. Probably less willing to suck peoples bums in the industry to get sponsored. Should see Shaun Cansdell surf live he is hands down one of the best surfers in the world. And Laurie is on a separate trip but still at the head of the crowd, surfing wise.

  • Rob

    Rekn Quiky just freed up some marketing dollars.

  • Joe

    Can’t believe Billabong dropped him!?! His parts in Passion Pop, Still Filthy, Stepping Stones & Blow Up are great…like everyone else mentioned before, he rips the small stuff and charges huge surf. He’s got style like no other! Hopefully someone picks him up! Goooo Laurie!!!

  • Michael Lee

    Ya, Billabong dropped the ball big time on that one. I think surfing is going into a free surf mentality where the best surfers in the world wont be chasing 2 to 3 ft. wind swell and points, they will be doing what Laurie already does. He kills it with a lot of style and class. A great ambassador of our sport.

  • Bobby

    The guys surfing is sick….plus he is a likable guy….. Come on guys get real sponsor hem….