Leeward // The Wedge // 4:25

posted by / Video / July 17, 2014

Everybody loves The Wedge, even people from Utah. You see Wedge and you’re infatuated. Whether it’s a surfer, a bodyboarder, a skimboarder or even an SUPer, you can’t look away. Speaking of stand-up paddling, we have historically ignored it but it’s impossible to ignore in this clip. How about that guy? He just woke up one morning and decided to pack closeouts on big red boat. We can’t help but respect it. The surfers in this clip don’t appear to be hugely successful, but it’s still worth a watch.

This video is dedicated to Ben Carlson, a Newport Beach lifeguard who lost his life protecting others on the evening this video was filmed.

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  • max

    that doesnt look fun at all

  • Jack

    Andrew, please don’t cut your clips short like that. It was kinda frustrating. Thanks for filming and sharing though. There’s no way I could have stood by and filmed that day…unless I already got some.

  • Fork u silly

    Sup now baby bitches….u ass clowns won’t show brad domke surfing a skimboard on huge waves but us show spongers and sup wads. Eff yooooo

  • Tim Kemp

    Great stuff @theandyj ! Love it duder