Lipke & Von Rupp // Thurso, Scotland // 7:13

posted by / Video / January 23, 2012


Portuguese surfers, Marlon Lipke and Nic Von Rup, venture to the most-northern city of Scotland

Head-to-toe in rubber, they’re battling the elements. What a challenge that left slab is at 2:30

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6 Responses to “Lipke & Von Rupp // Thurso, Scotland // 7:13”

  1. SirShredAlot says:

    Good to see those boys! Lipke and Von Rupp are both Germans (both grew up in Portugal though).

  2. ed says:


    Smooth power surfing, big hooks, carves, gaffs, etc.

    Felt like I was watching Ronnie burns and Occy!!

    Awesome video. Thanks, guys!

  3. michael says:

    cool video!

  4. aj says:

    lipke seems like a good guy

  5. Sliding Sense says:

    That left looks like a cold water Bingin.

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