Living the Dream with Benny B…Episode 1

posted by / Video / December 4, 2009


Follow pro surfer Ben Bourgeois as he lives out every surfers dream, of traveling and surfing for a living. In this first webisode, Ben flys home to Wrightsville Beach, NC after one day in Hawaii. Our cameras went along to document the five day trip as we scored some sizable east coast surf.

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  • Brandy Cook

    NY gets that good? Sickness…..

  • Jeff

    Is he surfing in NC with no logos on his board? Step into my office, cause your F*#kin’ FIRED!!!

  • peanut

    this is so boring… benny b? really a webisode dedicated to one of the most boring surfers on the planet? benny b has a great surf style and easy on the eyes but come on he’s a boring dude on land.. all the east coast dudes are boring as hell benny b, gabe kling, they are like the US bede durbidge

  • http://none poop

    hey peanut,
    I bet you rip hard, don’t you? Win some WQS’s? Yeah, EC boys are pretty boring. Hobgoods, Lopezes. Oh wait, Slater. forgot about him. What about the Gieselman? Cormican?

    Judging by the way you’re talking you’re probably from SoCal and probably think that’s the best place on earth to surf…..

  • Denman

    Ben nice meeting you on my flight down to Huatulco the other day…sorry we lost your buddy’s boards, anyway, hope it all worked out. Will be looking for the vid from your trip