Lost Interest: The New Dane Reynolds Mini-Film

posted by / Video / July 12, 2011



“lost interest. kinda like lost atlas’ sibling; except he didn’t receive very many nutrients while he was in the womb. and he was born early, never played any sports or anything and raised on a steady diet of fast food. now he’s 13 and ADD as hell, smoking cigarettes and playing world of warcraft till the early hours of the morning.”




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  • Jeff

    This is the best 12 minutes of surfing I’ve seen since Momentum 2. Period.

  • pol pot

    lost interest, haha so good. Seriously though, some damn amazing surfing.

  • jimmmmyy

    Jeff is 100% correct

  • Pepe Landa

    And he has pulled out of J Bay!?

  • Dirty South

    Sick post Jimmycane. makes me wanna head done to Mex. SO why did Dane pullout of J-Bay?

  • Adam

    Some of the best, most committed rail surfing ever going on there. He looks absolutely dialed, it’s a shame we don’t get to watch him at JBay. Hopefully he’s headed to Cloudbreak with Kelly. Dream tour is dying.

  • Dane was the only reason

    anyone was going to watch J Bay anyway. And now, we have Lost Interest, both here, and there.

  • dc

    A little tired od Dane pulling out of all contest..

  • Ben

    referring to Momentum 2 or Momentum UTI?

  • Jay


  • Jay


  • sagara

    Inspiring on many levels. I hope he can keep it going without self-destructing, but then again, he probably rather burn than fade away.

  • bradley

    Holy shit, if this is lost interest, I’m scared to see (re)gained interest!

  • Mau I Nokaoi

    More solid S swells on the way. Why go freeze in S. Africa?

  • Jeff

    Momentum 2. The only other video I’ve almost run into the ground is the Poor Specimen “Untitled” movie with Benji and Saxon on commentary. That’s funny stuff!!!

  • Bushy

    More rail surfing and less airs – Dane leading the way, perhaps this will be new trend in surf movies. Hope so – reverses etc. tend to look similar whoever does them, but full-on carves is where we seperate the men from the boys.

  • chuck

    it’s a shame he’s wasted all his talent being a ‘free surfer’, could have really given KS a run for his $$….now it will never happen. Dane is too busy being a Cali-Bro….to ever get motivated and become a winner

  • Insane

    Go play some baseball, chuck, you jock-boy…

  • Jeff

    I’d say 20+ million for six years riding a surfboard and making movies is winning, but that’s just me…

  • surfnewps

    best rail surfing ive seen in a damn long time…maybe ever???

  • Eric

    OMG. It just went from 6 to midnight.

  • cane jimmi

    Dane is the most over-rated average surfer ever

  • sheessh

    whats the name of those two point breaks


    Cane jimmi you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • yo

    if you know,, please dont name surf spots.

  • JakeT

    Nobody on tour could surf those waves the way he did. The most tactical on point surfing we’ve ever seen. That boys got slicks!

  • boob

    @ sheessh, oh ya that first point in the vid is a lil wave called malibu, kinda funny no one was out that day… the second wave was c – street or california street. you can find bolth at http://www.google.com, best of luck.

  • sd, cali

    Power surfing is back in… yes… Evan Geisleman must be scared, never seen that twig do a turn, only flicky frontside chop hops with horrible style. Dane has called you out for being lame on his blog. Hope youre saving all the nike $ cause youre gonna fizzle out faster than an open can of coke