Lost Surfboards Crew // Southern California // 2:50

posted by / Video / April 16, 2012

Video by Joe & Noah Alani

Gorkin + Andino + Ward + Yeomans + Ho dominate local lineups as Lowers and beachies pulse

Has anyone told Kolohe his wettie looks like a Creamsicle?

kolohe andino

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  • nalani

    Kid has mad skills but Goddamn, tone it down with the bright wetsuits. This kid is barely on the world tour but still acts like he is Slater reincarnated. Have some humble pie kolohe because you ain’t shit yet. All these cocky young guys look like little attention whores with their flamboyant neon wetsuits. Let your surfing do the talking because you obviously have the talent.

  • yeah guy

    @ING – Nalani is bagging on one of your cash cows… you better take down his comment.

  • nalani

    Stfu ‘yeah guy’, snitches get stiches so shut ur pie hole no one is taking to you…

  • mancave decor

    Ditto the above. Love it!