Lowers // Hurley Pro Warmup // 4:58

posted by / Video / September 23, 2013

Talk about variety — could you ask for a more diverse group at Lowers? CJ Hobgood, Kolohe Andino, Joel Parkinson, Keanu Asing, Bede Durbridge, Julian Wilson and Nat Young collectively set the cobblestones ablaze. Bede lands a hefty air reverse at 2:40 and we repeat, Bede lands a hefty air reveres at 2:40. Julian’s tail toss at 3:27 is hands-down the classiest thing you can do while burning somebody. And Nat Young has officially robbed Bobby Martinez of the elusive “Backhand Surfer Everyone Should Emulate” title after his wave at 3:36.

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  • marcus

    Slo mo sucks and Bobby is so much faster than Nat Young its a joke… Lets be real surfing

  • Jacob Cruz

    Surfing, I’ve seen too many clips in the past year of Bobby absolutely shredding Rincon and looking better than ever. Nat’s rips no doubt, but Bobby is a classic and aging like fine wine…should have just left the claim out of it.

  • MLBCane

    WAWAWAWAWHAT? Nat Young robbed Bobby Martinez?!?!?!? WTH are you guys talking about!?!?!? No wonder Surfer Magazine is more respected than this publication. Wake UP!!!!