Lucas Silveira // Hawaii // 2:52

posted by / Video / March 14, 2014

We’ll be honest here. We had no idea Lucas Silveira was, so we googled him. According to the internet, the gentleman you see in the clip above is either:

A) The world’s sexiest man
B) A Canadian transgender singer
C) A real estate mogul in Miami
D) An 18-year-old Brazilian surfer

Let’s roll with D. Barely legal and from Brazil! This kid is smashing stereotypes like a transgender bull in a va-china shop! Charging? Check. Powerful rail turns? Check? Listings for swanky Miami penthouses? Nah man. Wrong Lucas Silveira.

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  • bren bruckley

    bet he wouldnt throw a christmas tree thru a bar!

  • Bobby

    Paying your dues ..keep if up…bro

  • Alexandre Silveira


  • Andreas Håkansson

    Since i first saw him in those three monster powerturns in “Dane Reynolds in Marocco” movie, Lucas is now on my hero-list!