Luke Davis // Lower Trestles // 2:28

posted by / Video / January 24, 2011



SURFER(S): Luke Davis
LOCATION(S): The right at Lower Trestles
LENGTH: 2:28


Luke is coming into his jive style nicely; it’s all his, in the way Gavin Beschen’s is uniquely Gav’s. If anything, Luke could use some sirloin in the legs to help get more out of his carves. He and his hair get better by the day.

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  • Scott

    sick clips, sick song, sick waves, sick style.

  • Francisco

    When can we get some new videos.These Noah Alani Lowers videos are getting old.Luke rips tho.

  • sam

    seriously, when will the luke davis pumping end? I can only take so many videos of him surfing 2 foot OC. Are there no other kids making videos?

  • dude

    Nice work Noah. Keep ’em comin’.

  • The Bodhi Zaffa

    Sam I am,
    Get off ol lukey boy, he rips harder than you ever will, you infant.

  • zingers

    You can find sam on any of these grom video, furiously pounding his keys. I also feel homoerotic undertones coming from everyone of his post.

  • sam

    haha, luke will never make the tour. then he and God can hang out and wonder what to do next.

  • sam

    I take it back. Luke and Kolhoe’s training in 2 foot slop is really paying off! Kohohe just got 5 whole points in his round of 96 heat at Pipe! 5 POINTS! YEEEAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAA!

  • mom

    suck it sam who are you agin some fat fuck that sits at the cube good!!

  • Gary pyne

    sam is a lame and an old man named gp..will knock him out..

  • Gary pyne

    You shread,luke,your whole family shreads..

  • RicoFly

    I think your all Gay and envious and you all sound childish especially the God Hater, I think is close to being saved LOL!

  • tom roney

    This guy surfs like he is on a hubberdraft,style points all across the board.
    Oneill is a good native choice south swells good looking people and Oneill wetsuits.
    Screw the south bay Im coming down to the OC.
    Its time to surf real surf breaks with real people on real surfboards.