Luke Davis // Mainland Mexico // 3:15

posted by / Video / July 3, 2013

Mr. Davis times a south swell deep into Mex

He’s got more color in his hair than on his board

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3 Responses to “Luke Davis // Mainland Mexico // 3:15”

  1. Apppphhh says:

    I’m surprised the cartels didn’t behead this stupid ass with his hair lookin like that… Douche

  2. BUFU says:

    Although dude seems a bit out of sorts with all the online modeling poses and vain instagrams, the surfing on this clip was impressive.

  3. lol @ vain instagrams ^^^ says:

    The wave in the beginning was rad, but I couldn’t really tell from this clip why the dude still gets paid…Reef should find a better filmer for him too, shaky/unbalanced edit.

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