Luke Davis // San Clemente // 2:29

posted by / Video / June 26, 2012

Video: Noah Alani
Surfer: Luke Davis
Location: San Clemente beach breaks, Lower Trestles
When: June

Great to see a young man be as well-versed on the open face and above the lip

His board, his hands, his hair, his cuffed jean — all properly placed in perfect position

luke davis

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5 Responses to “Luke Davis // San Clemente // 2:29”

  1. Zack F says:

    Haha this can’t be real?! Luke obviously didn’t have final say in this clip. I’d rather watch his brother surf

  2. backside says:

    any lefts?

  3. Horse says:

    Promoting the homosexual revolution is wronG!!! What happened to listening to Slayer, thrashing waves and just not giving a fuck????

  4. Fashion Police says:

    What’s up with San Clemente kids & that cuffed jean look? Look like a bunch of spoiled little rich kids trying to play hipster. Oh wait, that is exactly what they are. Silly little clones.

  5. tom carey says:


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