Luke Hynd // Bali, Indonesia // 3:01

posted by / Video / September 19, 2012

Video: Darcy Ward

They say he’s the latest generation of Hynds

… but we’re convinced he’s Taylor Clark’s Aussie clone

Luke Hynd

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  • trogman

    :47 seconds is spectacular

  • westie

    Clark is way better

  • Nick

    Ya right this kid rips on Taylors forehead all day

  • John

    This kids style is so good, reminiscent of nate tyler. . .

  • surferdude

    I saw the video on this website awesome awesome!!

  • Mik

    Medewi is fun, but that’s not where this was filmed…
    Medewi is a left point break, cobblestone point, laced with sea urchins.

    I’m sure of that, as stepped on one on the Long walk out there… And I had to have the spike surgically removed.

    Beautiful nurses, tho’.

    BTW: great surfing. i’d like to see more of Luke. 4 sure.