Magnaplasm In Full

posted by / Video / February 17, 2014

They say that timing is everything. And you, poor soul, have horrible timing. We streamed Volcom’s 1998 full-length film Mangaplasm for three full days, but you’re too late. Keep checking for more classic surf films — and be sure to time it right next time.

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  • mysticvisuals

    the adolescents – LA girl

    sooooooooooooooo good, fuck.

  • ho, nah!

    Timeless surfing, editing and music coupled with art direction that was ahead of the game and influenced a generation. One of the best action sports films of all time? I think it’s top 5 for sure.

  • GJBs

    Can’t believe they cut the BI/AI wrestling match.

  • GJBs

    ho, nah! is Troy Eckert.

  • Jonas

    Watching this then watching the epokhe bullshit is so gnarly. Surfing cinema has become such a joke. Sad to see, but good to refresh the memory with epic movies like this. Thanks Surfing for doing this kind of stuff, because honestly I can’t handle the pretentious new age modern hipster shit anymore..

  • runman

    whoever had the idea to revive this is a genius- a seed of inspiration for me as a grom and now the next generation

  • Wolf

    I just came

  • 805local

    I miss all these Volcom videos… Bout to go dust off the VCR, pop in Computer Body and then follow it up with 156 tricks.

  • dale

    what about voluptuous?

  • It’sOnlyaParkingLotWang …

    What Jonas says. And people can bith all they want about Wooly and the boys “selling out” but they have more soul to go around than any industry company and, by the looks of their deal since selling the company, have retained that soul in spades.
    Great idea to stream this, great time watching it and big kudos to the ‘Ing’er who thought that one up …

  • Rob Webb

    Magnaplasm!!! Best surf vid of all time!! This, Raw Irons (Andy’s Movie! Wish I could find Raw Irons for sale somewhere!) and every …lost movie are all he BEST SURF VIDS EVER MADE!

  • Scotty

    I have a feeling Mr Jimmicane had something to do with this!!

  • James

    Muy bien!

  • Mike Anderson

    So good, more please…

  • Rubén

    Great to have the opportunity to watch this beautiful vid. Thanks and congrats for the idea of

  • Webby 808

    Yeah!!! Thanks for showing real free vids!! The sickest ones too!!! Ya 805 local — 156 tricks – Ozzy Write volcom vid is on the list of top vids for sure!!!!!!!
    Man I’ve bought so many vids on VHS so many time then I’d leave me at friends houses to stole them out & they’d get passed around the Palisades so everyone could enjoy & see what up Lol. Now I buy dvd’s & then leave em around Maui restaraunts that have TV’s to spread the stoke & knowledge these vids drop on people. It’s really cool that these vids that are like a decade old are still the cutting edge of surfing! Anyone have an idea where to fimd “Raw Irons”!!??!?!? Andy’s first & best vid. Had 2 VHS copies! Still the best! But since MCD isn’t around anymore & Andy was billabong guy for so long it’s impossible to find! But back to Magnaplasm – #1 the Bruce & Andy grom footage by legend Runman ! So sick! & Raw Irons also has a sweet Andy & Bruce section by Runman similar to Magnaplasm! Gotta find that vid! Aloha to everyone!