Makua Rothman // North Shore, Oahu // 6:18

posted by / Video / February 23, 2012

Automatic weapons, surfboards, training, dining, farming, ukulele…

And Makua even sings you a song

makua rothman

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  • stevie_son

    Non hormonal chickens….no-one likes a moody bird.

  • Wyatt

    Hey, do you guys have any footage that better underscores the uber-macho, uneducated, Hawaiian surfer stereotype? But seriously, a few notes…

    1.) “Non-hormonal chickens”

    2.) Please assure that Makua continues to sing only in Hawaiian, this sparing us any lyrics we can understand.

    3.) Lifted truck + machine gun = least Jewish Jewish guy of all time.

    Holding my breath for the Kalani Chapman behind-the-scenes.

  • Haole Pete

    Hey Wyatt,
    Kalani Chapman is a humble, respectful, good guy.
    You ripped on Makua because he’s cocky, uneducated, Jewish, Hawaiian, and has a gun and big truck. He’s also thinking, making money, living well and can smell jackasses like you a mile away.

  • typical garbage heap

    I respect this guy as a surfer. His commitment is obvious. Personal flaws and maturity happen over time. Don’t get you panties in a bunch people.

    Glad he’s not a Muslim and thinking about killing people on planes. What act of terror have the Jews committed? Its the Muslims, not the Jews.

  • Seamus

    Nice lifestyle. Don’t know why people bash anyone who puts a video out.

  • Matt S.

    Come on typical garbage heap? I always laugh at that name but now your killing me. Don’t get down on a whole religion just cause a tiny fraction are crazy dicks.
    oh yeah, cool clip.

  • stephen koehne

    Makua is one of those bradas that you could say is all around SOLID. He can do multiple sports and crafts, and do them well. And heʻs got Hawaiian blood

  • Mother of Beach

    Love this allot. Much needed and shows the many sides of the kids who grow up on the North Shore. Jamie the wild animal in your face, loud kid who surfs pipe. And Makua the multi talented, think out side of the box kid.

    Keep up the good work Makua, make the north shore proud and continue to share your life with us.

  • Mike Anderson

    Give me a break all you haters, your so jealous save it just save it. Great vid, great workout, cool music, nice business. O ya and checking the sure at noon nice bra no rush let the trades kick in and still get plenty waves…

  • Adam Klevin

    Makua is one of my all time favorite people. His personality is top notch. At least he does something. You haters only LIP.

    Keep it up Makua, These Hater Barn’s don’t have any Aloha. And they are bigots on top of that.