Marcio Freire // Peahi // 3:51

posted by / Video / April 22, 2013

Video: Peahi Surf Media

Marcio first paddled Peahi in 2007

Now he shares his story


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  • shark

    I remember seeing footage of him in 2007. He wasnt even nominated for the big wave paddle awards but I remember thinking that there was a left that he caught that was the biggest wave I have ever seen paddled at the time. This guy is pretty underground ha

  • bruno

    It´s a shame a guy like that not have a major sponsor, what else does he have to do?

  • adam

    that last wave was REALLY hairy take off… this guy is good!

  • DoucheBag

    No Stickers = No Love from anyone = SADNESS but SURF INDUSTRY REALITY = KINDA LIKE THE MAFIA