Mark Healey // Swimming with Sharks // 3:19

posted by / Video / March 7, 2012

Video by Monster Energy

“Sharks can’t change their facial expression. They tell you what they want you to know with their bodies.” — Mark Healey

Mark gets up-close and personal with Bull sharks. Have we been wrong all along?

mark healey

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  • Adam

    And they say we don’t have any characters in surfing anymore. The Healeys and Fletchers of the world are the sport’s greatest ambassadors.

  • Mik

    I’m not worthy…. But Healey is. RESPECT given Mark! Thnx for letting us in on your world! (One thing I do share is the awareness that I am meant to be a surfer, in the Ocean. Rad.)

  • james b

    GREAT STUFF!! Congrats, Mark, for being who you are!!