Mark Mathews // Today Is Perfect // 2:47

posted by / Video / April 29, 2014

There are some guys out there who charge. Your Greg Longs, your Shane Dorians — you know, guys who are calculated and use those elaborate calculations to conquer the world’s biggest waves. And then there are guys like Mark Mathews — guys who’ll whip into Shipstern’s Bluff while holding a blowup crocodile just to honor Steve Irwin. Actually, there aren’t guys like that. There is only one, and his name is Mark Mathews. Here’s a short film on him.

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    From a guy who needed to make sure his mom was going to be okay and taken care of in her retirement, but who never got the chance, I want to commend you for doing the right thing, with the right motivation, after a career threatening injury. That’s a real comeback. You da man. Way to go. Keep up the good work and dont’ let shallow, judgmental dipshits get you down because you love your mum.