Marti Paradisis // Tasmania // 3:22

posted by / Video / May 9, 2014

The shrew burrows, the snake burrows, the Taj burrows, and the Marti Paradisis burrows too. Ol’ Mart’s an expert at digging deep into the world’s most phenomenal natural tunnels, and we’re not talking about the Jiucyudong in Taiwan, dirty minds. Here, Marti’s misses films as he clocks tube-time in a dreamy Tasmanian mineshaft. It’s a labor of love.

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  • Joe

    At 1:36 damn, that’s close & shallow! I wish San Diego these long, dredging rights.

  • Joe

    “…Diego had these long…”

  • Surf976

    Musiq ?

  • Major Whipeout

    Milky Chance! A good find!

  • Surf976

    Thx !

  • Ivan Bittencourt Filho

    true man for a moment i thought he was gonna hit that rock

  • Birdlips

    It does. Shhhhh

  • Realist

    with 100 hundred turkeys on a clipper ship……