Mason Barnes // South Pacific // 3:04

posted by / Video / July 18, 2013

Video: Logan Beam

The South Pacific ain’t always rainbows and popsicles

This is the darker side of paradise

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  • BUFU

    Surfs well but there’s nothing metal about riding for Hurley and Channel Islands. Kid should’ve stayed in NC. He would of surfed similar waves.

  • xavier

    Alternative title: “getting skunked in Tahiti”.

  • Ben

    I’m confused. What about this is “Darker Side?” There is a darker side to the South Pacific, a violent, scary one, but it involves neither beachbreak, dogs screwing on the beach, or metal.

  • player hater

    the waves in NC suck most of the time doggy, I live here. Props to him for going places you can get good waves more than and handfull of days a year.

  • Yonks

    Im with player hater here! Good job on making something out of nothing Mase! killer fucking edit!!

  • stoked

    killer video, live in wrightsville and can promise and skeptical people the waves have never been/never will be that good, so kudos to mason for going elsewhere to challenge himself!


    i like this

  • Ben Rose WB4LYFE

    YEW! reminds me of back in the day when we used to all get tubular. Keep on paddling bud! Woulda just taken the fins out and gotten a little one on one time with ol mother nature. Nothing like a little salt on the skin.

  • kieran

    Cool little edit. Some nice little hacks, only one air reverse and a bit of metal to spice things up.

  • Yowz

    this kid’s hair and wardrobe is that of a fucking moron. glamourous hipsterrrr!!!!!! put this on instagram

  • bufu

    Yeah you guys are 100% correct….way to go challenge yourself. Leaves a beachbreak to surf probably the only wave in the South Pacific that resembles a beachbreak. I much prefer watching Brown and Mincher inspire by charging Chopes.

  • thomwhite

    first off your right it aint dark second im glad this is up because now my edit from Carolina beach, NC (the real dark side) will blow this out the water and ill do it without wasting thousaands of travel money haha

  • thomwhite

    but hey YOU TRIED, and thats what counts 😉

  • Bill Luhmberg

    it’s *nor*