Mason Ho & Cheeseburger // Desert Point // 5:19

posted by / Video / December 22, 2013

It’s cruel and it’s jaded, but sometimes watching perfect barrels can get boring. With a wave that lacks flaws like Desert Point, a five-minute video of a guy weaving through predictable tunnels can slip you into a trance that is half daydream, half cat nap. But things tend to get interesting when you throw Mason Ho and Cheeseburger into the equation. Mason’s tube-riding is nonpareil. Literally, nobody does what he is doing. Call it weird. Call it sporadic. Or just call it groovy. Keep doing you, Mason — we’ll keep watching.

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  • Atila

    Hey guys, what sound(rap) is that in ” Mason Ho & Ceesburguer at Desert point, thanks.

  • Vern

    That ghetto crap music has no place on such a beautiful wave.

  • Jay

    Mac mall -ghetto theme is the song.

    And Vern, chill out homie its better then overplayed techno. Fits well.

  • Ariel

    Jay, my morning farts is better than overplayed techno…what’s your point?

    How bout some upbeat Indo music to go w/ that flowing barrel?

  • dingle berry

    why don’t you dorks go film some indo barrels and put the music you think would fit best; oh wait you all aren’t doing shit

    this track is smooth with funky lyric delivery pairing perfectly with Mason’s quirky-smooth style

    remember, its his clips not yours.

  • It’sOnlyaParkingLotWang

    I dunno, I thought the tune was pretty damn cool and worked but I’m 62 so wtf do I know.
    Cool seeing Uncle Mike nabbing a few and Mas is one damn fine bs tube tactician.
    Good shit all the way around and best MH vid on here to date, tanks ….