Mason Ho // Rockies // 8:30

posted by / Video / February 3, 2011

Video by Rory Pringle

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11 Responses to “Mason Ho // Rockies // 8:30”

  1. felipe says:

    You already posted this like 4 months ago. Still is really good.

  2. Jeff says:

    Mason Ho surfs so uncontrolled and spastic. Looks like a Hawaiian Joe Crimo….

  3. leroy death pit says:

    C’mon,…. fKin small waves man… go to any A-grade break on the planet and the groms will be ripping like this…so he^s got the heritage…. but lets see these moves.. in some size please….yes he surfs better than me, but this is an average display of modern suring…im old and i’ve been around…. I invest (sponsor) the grom rippers…they become stars….i sell more clothes and become richer than the surfer…. : ) yes, it the way now kids. pro surfing is the mother whore of oxmorons… look it up Fkers…. RIP ANDY. He was a true visionary. There are not many of them, enjoy them while they burn… and burn they do.

  4. leroy death pit says:

    The second story tells the truth here folks….both Wilko and Jordy are in the top 44.. where is HO? Ho is nice kid but…stop letting the advertising $$$$ rule the surf media content…. only grass roots surfing can save surfing….and it needs saving.

  5. twon says:

    i dunno what you guys are talking about… NO ONE has style like that. mason SMOKES julian and all those fuckers. annd FYI the majority of those turns he does are onto dry reef. no one does turns on those sections except mason!!!!

  6. Big D says:

    C’mon bro, Mason rips, but he falls on most of his moves and doesnt go that large… Wilson, goes large and lands most of the time…. perhaps its an old vid?

  7. Justin Mehren says:

    Mason rips…style for days

  8. twists says:

    lets see some moves in some size? did you miss redux? have you seen any of mason’s other stuff? Yeah, your old, for sure, so type like you have some sort of brain.

  9. stephen koehne says:

    yah mason….fricken ripping!!!! mean videos

  10. Jamie says:

    if you cant surf like that then shup up……..mason rips and he does it in big surf too why does everyone have to hate on him

  11. Auntie Beckah says:

    . Envy is one of the seven sins… Be happy Mason can rip and cheer him on or……
    Mason you Rock! We love you and can’t wait to see you tear it up here in So Cal…. Hugs

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