Mason Ho // Rocky Point // 2:35

posted by / Video / January 18, 2012

Video by Rory Pringle

Mason Ho, Rocky Point

Big brother steals baby sister’s (Coco Ho) surfboard and looks to be on a mission to test its durability.

Massive floater at 1:08 mark. Adriano would be proud.

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  • Keenan

    Yea Mason! Another sick clip

  • john

    You people are so pathetic, acting like a bunch of cry-babies about that fear-and-square victory of adriano.
    Yeah keep complaining u idiots, just prove how bad loosers you are and how prejudice a human can be.
    Ps. We are in 2012, remember? Cant you people just grow up a little?


  • g-flat

    John the floater lover above is livid! Mason Ho is a badass motherfucker and his surfing is unreal! Every clip hes getting better and better but he has to stop with the retro look down? I know its a tribute to his dad and that shit was cool in the early 80’s but its just dumb now. Mason is an unbelievable surfer and he could look up his ass for all i care, i’d still watch every one of his clips. Just saying its unnecessary in this day and age of dream cream,banana wax and perfectly mowed Mayhem sleds that are built for a hawaiian prince (or princess i guess regarding this clips vehicle?) Fark Mason, tighten up….